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Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads Management

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Grow your online course, membership community, or event using paid traffic on the best social ads platforms.

You create your best and we'll do the rest.

Business Coaching

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Available in hourly consulting, half-day intensives, and 3-6 month coaching packages, I'll save you time and money by cutting through the endless sea of technology, methodology, and the latest fads to get you set up with streamlined systems and clear goals. All so you can focus on what only you can do: creating your work.

Tools for Remote Work

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You've suddenly been thrust into this new world of working remote, or your team or clients are suddenly dispersed across multiple locations. It can be overwhelming at first.  

Fortunately there are a number of great free tools that can ease this transition. I’ve put together a list of 4 free tools I use every day to make my remote work and collaboration as seamless as possible. 

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Satisfied clients said...

For my 5-Day Challenge, we had over 700 people sign up (!!!), and he had a whole bunch of ideas and strategies up his sleeve during the week my cart was open for the course (with 11 total sign ups for the course!! My very FIRST launch ever). I look forward to working with Greg in the future as I continue promoting online products with FB ads. - Sandi Mele 

We made the decision to switch our online 48 Days Eagles community from Facebook to Mighty Networks. As a member of our Advisory Board, Greg played a key role in making that a smooth transition. His technology expertise of both platforms and his gentle personal guidance confirmed that he is an ideal business partner. - Dan Miller 

Working with Greg Tosi on my FB Ads is amazing. Not only has my email list doubled but his ability to find my target market and get the ads in front of the right people has been fantastic! - Teresa McCloy

Choosing to work with Greg was a no-brainer. - Chris McCluskey

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